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Monday, 9 June 2014

NICE Guidelines methods consultation…

closes on the 30th June!  The new methods guide marks quite a change as up until now, separate methods were operating for the three different types of guidelines – clinical, public health and social care.  The new methods manual covers all of them.

Remember that NICE Guidelines, and these proposed methods, are separate from Appraisals.

Of particular interest to HEDS are Chapters 5-7:
  • Identifying the evidence: literature searching and evidence submission
  • Reviewing research evidence
  • Incorporating economic evaluation

And as an economist, there are some interesting things in there to me.  CBA is legitimate (in some cases), ASCOT and ICECAP are legitimate utility measures (in some cases) and the monetary valuation of informal care is legitimate (in some cases).  The new reference case, by relevant perspective, is summarised on pages 139-140.

Ladies and gentlemen, start updating your lectures and presentations :-)