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Thursday, 16 January 2020

December’s CEAs, systematic reviews and epidemiological models in LMICs

To help us keep on top of current research in low and middle-income countries, we are running a monthly search of research that is aligned to our core research interests.  It's a simple search strategy, with those published last month that are most aligned to our interests listed below.  The full list of articles is kept in our "Searches archive" in the right-hand column.

  • Gilmer T, Burgos JL, Anzaldo-Campos MC, Vargas-Ojeda A. Cost-Effectiveness of a Technology-Enhanced Diabetes Care Management Program in Mexico. Value Health Reg Issues. 2019;20:41-6.
  • Gram L, Fitchett A, Ashraf A, Daruwalla N, Osrin D. Promoting women's and children's health through community groups in low-income and middle-income countries: a mixed-methods systematic review of mechanisms, enablers and barriers. BMJ Glob Health. 2019;4(6):e001972.
  • Gyawali B, Bloch J, Vaidya A, Kallestrup P. Community-based interventions for prevention of Type 2 diabetes in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review. Health Promot Int. 2019;34(6):1218-30.
  • Mersha AG, Abegaz TM, Seid MA. Maternal and perinatal outcomes of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Ethiopia: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2019;19(1):458.
  • van Vliet MM, Hendrickson C, Nichols BE, Boucher CA, Peters RP, van de Vijver DA. Epidemiological impact and cost-effectiveness of providing long-acting pre-exposure prophylaxis to injectable contraceptive users for HIV prevention in South Africa: a modelling study. J Int AIDS Soc. 2019;22(12):e25427.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

PROMs Conference - save the date

5th National PROMS Annual UK Research Conference

ScHARR will be hosting the PROMS Annual UK Research Conference on Wednesday 10th Jun 2020. 

To register, please contact arc_heee@sheffield.ac.uk.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Short Course - An Introduction to Using Social Media to Communicate Research - Thursday 27th February 2020

Background: The treadmill of academia is a relentless one: proposal, research, write, present and then hopefully publish before starting all over again, all in the hope that the research is recognised as being of good quality, worthy and valuable. There's one problem though - journals are not geared up for the modern online world of instant sharing and communication. Tools and ways of communicating research such as Twitter, YouTube, ResearchGate, Slideshare, blogging, infographics, animation and many others will be covered. The good news is they are mostly free and can work together to help research to reach a wider audience. That audience is not just academic peers, but publishers, editors, fund holders and the general public.


Book here
Course Overview: The aim of the workshop is to offer an introduction to the many tools you can use to help you communicate research and work smarter. The purpose of the day is to help attendees come away with a variety of tools and artefacts they can use to help communicate and share their work. We will teach you the basics of social media in an academic setting and demystify some of the barriers that may have put you off from using these tools in your work.
We will show you how to make the most from these technologies and show you how to find out alternative ways of discussing and communicating research. Attention will be paid to the various ethical issues to working more on the web from copyright and Creative Commons to making more use of your mobile device, from safety and security to how you conduct yourself online and netiquette.
This short course will benefit a wide range of people including (but not exhaustive of):
  • Researchers,
  • Masters and PhD students,
  • Research Support Staff and Managers,
  • Library and Information Professionals,
  • Communications and Marketing Professionals.

1-day course:  Thursday, 27th February 2020
Start:  9:30 am
Finish: 4:30 pm
£199.00 - Early Bird Rate for confirmed bookings received on or before 11pm on Friday, 27th December 2019.
£299.00 - Standard Rate for confirmed bookings received on or after 11pm on Thursday, 13th February 2020.
Halifax Hall Hotel & Conference Centre
Endcliffe Vale Road
S10 3ER
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Short Course Unit via email at scharr-scu@sheffield.ac.uk
or call +44 (0)114 222 2968.

Monday, 13 January 2020

University of Sheffield offering over 100 scholarships

We're offering 100+ scholarships worth £10,000 each for home students starting a taught postgraduate course in 2020

The scholarships are for students who meet at least one of our widening participation criteria and/or students who achieve a first in their undergraduate degree.

If your application is successful you can use the scholarship towards fees or living expenses – the choice is yours.
Eligibility criteria

  • You'll be studying a taught postgraduate course full-time or part-time for a maximum of four years.
  • You're domiciled in the UK or European Union and are not charged international rate fees.
  • You're not already qualified at masters level, or higher.
  • You're self funded. Courses funded by the NHS or the Initial Teacher Training bursary, or courses that are eligible for undergraduate funding such as integrated masters are not eligible.
  • You're from a group that is evidentially under-represented among the institution's taught masters population - see the widening participation criteria below.
  • You've already achieved or currently predicted a first class undergraduate degree - see the academic merit criteria below.

How to apply
Selection process
  • have provided a clear rationale for applying for a postgraduate course at the University of Sheffield.
  • have identified clearly how the scholarship will be beneficial to their student experience.
  • have clearly articulated future ambitions; these goals relate to the postgraduate degree he/she has applied for, and they involve appropriate and credible contribution from which others will benefit.

Applications are open. The deadline to submit your application is 5pm Monday 11 May

All applications will be reviewed by senior members of academic staff and/or Student Support Services staff.

When reviewing your application we'll look at personal circumstances, widening participation criteria and take into account academic achievements. All applications are anonymised and the decision is discretionary and final.
Please note the scholarship application is a separate process to applying for a course. Being awarded a scholarship does not guarantee you will be made an academic offer. To apply for a course please use our Postgraduate Online Application Form.

You are not required to apply for your course prior to submitting your scholarship application.
Further information regarding the awards can be found below.
Financial Support Team

For specific questions about fees, bursaries, scholarships and financial support.


+44 114 222 1319

Friday, 10 January 2020

December’s CEAs.....

We’ve completed our quick search for CEA’s published last month.   In the right-hand column of this blog is a CEA Archive of all records.  Below are those in our areas of interest.

  • Carsley S, Fu R, Borkhoff CM, Reid N, Baginska E, Birken CS, et al. Iron deficiency screening for children at 18 months: a cost-utility analysis. CMAJ Open. 2019;7(4):E689-e98.
  • McCabe C, Paulden M, Awotwe I, Sutton A, Hall P. One-Way Sensitivity Analysis for Probabilistic Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Conditional Expected Incremental Net Benefit. Pharmacoeconomics. 2019.
  • Mlcoch T, Hrnciarova T, Tuzil J, Zadak J, Marian M, Dolezal T. Propensity Score Weighting Using Overlap Weights: A New Method Applied to Regorafenib Clinical Data and a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. Value Health. 2019;22(12):1370-7.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Professor Simon Dixon invited to speak at the 2019 UK-China Health and Economy Partnership in Beijing

Our own Professor Simon Dixon was invited to speak at the 2019 UK-China Health and Economy Partnership in Beijing. Also in attendance was academics from other high ranking universities. Professor Dixon spoke on collaborations and development in the pharmacoeconomics, economics and the economic evaluation of the use of drugs in medicine.
Image of 2019 UK-China Health and Economy Partnership
2019 UK-China Health and Economy Partnership
Professor Dixon from the University of Sheffield said: "The most non-academic benefit is that our research will improve health systems and decision-making, which will allow hospitals to treat more patients with the same amount of money and will benefit the quality and length of life of patients in both countries."

Keynote speakers included professors drawn from Bournemouth University, the
University of Sheffield, the University of York, the University of Leeds, Zhejiang
University, Fudan University and Shandong University.

The partnership is overseen by the British Council,and aims to create measurable benefits for Chinese patients and the economy by generating new health economics expertise.

The meeting was also covered by 中国教育在线 (China Education Online) and 环球网

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

EEPRU Report - Burden and Effectiveness of Interventions to Address Overprescribing

Burden and Effectiveness of Interventions to Address Overprescribing

Overprescribing, also known as problematic polypharmacy, refers to when people take too many medicines or when people do not get the full benefit from their medicines. This project aims to summarise the evidence on the burden of problematic polypharmacy and the effectiveness of interventions to address it. The project involves a rapid review of systematic reviews and new scoping searches.

To read the full report, please click here

To sign up to the EEPRU mailing list, please visit http://www.eepru.org.uk/ and scroll down to "subscribe".

Monday, 6 January 2020

New Project - Inequality aversion to health by EQ-5D domain

Image of Aki Tsuchiya
Prof Aki Tsuchiya
HEDS are leading on a EuroQol Group funded project which aims to examine empirically, whether public preferences regarding inequality in health depend on the type of health gain provided by an intervention, where this is defined by EQ-5D domains.

Professor Aki Tsuchiya is the primary investigator with Simon McNamara as co-investigator. Simon McNamara is a PhD student at the Wellcome Doctoral Training Centre, and the findings will be part of his doctoral thesis. 
The research will use fieldwork involving an online survey of the UK general public through a commercial internet panel.

Image of Simon McNamara
Simon McNamara
Why this is important / Who will benefit?

It is reasonably well established that public preferences in the UK are averse to inequalities in lifetime health where the latter is expressed in terms of expected age of death and the efficiency-equality trade-off is measured in terms of life years in full health. It is not known whether this aversion is a generalisation from life years in full health to quality adjusted life years, or whether this may depend on the type of health gain provided by an intervention. The findings from this project will inform the adoption of distributional cost effectiveness analyses for health care resource allocation decision

Professor Tsuchiya's publications

Thursday, 2 January 2020

New Project - Valuing health benefits for children and adolescents: qualitative research examining the impact of perspective and respondents' priorities around adult and child health

HEDS have started work on a new project which will work on providing important information about why people's values differ when valuing child and adolescent health states. This will involve exploring the impact of framing of perspective, elicitation technique, and wider views around child and adult health. This work will be informative for researchers and policy makers around how to elicit and interpret utility values for child and adolescent health states.

The project will undertake qualitative research to:
a) Better understand how framing around the perspective of health states impacts on values for child and adolescent health states elicited from members of the UK adult general population.
b) Understand how this is impacted by general attitudes to child and adult health and the prioritisation of child versus adult health. 

The project team are:
Donna Rowen, Phil Powell, Aki Tsuchiya and John Brazier

The research is funded by EuroQol Group and is taking place at the University of Sheffield, in collaboration with Oliver Rivero-Arias at the University of Oxford. 

Friday, 20 December 2019

Merry Christmas from HEDS

We're heading off now to finish off the rest of our Christmas shopping, so would like to wish all of you a peaceful and restful break and we will see you in 2020.

Merry Christmas from everyone at ScHARR HEDS