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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Latest journal articles from HEDS

Published in May….

Valuations of epilepsy-specific health states: A comparison of patients with epilepsy and the general population
Mulhern B, Rowen D, Brazier J, Snape D, Jacoby A, Marson T, Baker G, Hughes D
Epilepsy and Behavior 36:12-17 Jul 2014

Using generic preference-based measures in mental health: psychometric validity of the EQ-5D and SF-6D.
Mulhern B, Mukuria C, Barkham M, Knapp M, Byford S, Soeteman D, Brazier J
Br J Psychiatry 22 May 2014

What is the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of cytisine compared with varenicline for smoking cessation? A systematic review and economic evaluation.
Leaviss J, Sullivan W, Ren S, Everson-Hock E, Stevenson M, Stevens JW, Strong M, Cantrell A
Health Technol Assess 18(33):1-120 May 2014

Promoting Health Literacy through Community Based Peer Support: a participatory approach to a realist review.
Croot L, Harris J, Thompson J, Van Cleemput P, Booth A, Campbell F, Springett J, Wilkins E
International Journal of Qualitative Methods. 12: 727-728. 2013