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Thursday, 27 March 2014

NICE publishes Value Based Assessment proposals

The proposals are now open to consultation until the 19th June.  The methods paper is available together with 9 other supporting documents.  Comments are specifically called for on the following questions:
  1. Does proportional QALY shortfall appropriately reflect burden of illness?
  2. Does absolute QALY shortfall provide a reasonable proxy for wider societal impact of a condition?
  3. Does a maximum weight of 2.5 in circumstances when all modifiers apply function as a reasonable maximum?
  4. Should we allocate specific ‘weights’ to each of the ‘modifiers’ so that they add up to a maximum of 2.5? If so, do you have a view on what weight should be added in each case
  5. Will the approach outlined in this document achieve the proposed objectives of improving consistency, predictability and transparency in the judgements made by our independent Appraisal Committees when they consider the clinical and cost effectiveness of health technologies?
  6. Are there any risks which might arise as a result of adopting the value-based assessment approach as outlined above? If so, how might we try to reduce them?