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Monday, 16 May 2011

Map of medicine

Ever wanted to get a quick idea of the pathway of care for a particular condition, without having to track down a friendly and authoritative health care professional?  The Map of Medicine is a web site that contains over 350 disease pathways covering prevention, screening, diagnosis, management, treatment and rehabilitation.  The maps are based on Royal College and NICE guidelines together with other clinical input.

The purpose of MoM is policy orientated – helping providers to develop their own local pathways – but they provide a quick and easy resource to assist in problem structuring, search strategy development and model construction.  We’ve added a link to MoM in the list of resources in the left-hand column of this blog.

Also available for help is the newly launched NICE Pathways website.  Whilst this brings together all of NICE guidance on selected topics, it is currently only limited to 18 areas and doesn’t give the service-level detail of MoM.