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Monday, 22 January 2018

Medtech Innovation Briefings (MIBs)…

… published since our last update in September are listed below.  The MIBs review relevant published evidence and the likely costs of new technologies. They are designed to be fast, flexible and responsive to the need for information on innovative technologies.  MIBs are commissioned by NHS England.  Further details are available here.
  • Next-generation sequencing panel for solid tumour cancers in children  
  • TYM smartphone otoscope for imaging and videoing the external ear canal and eardrum  
  • Point-of-care and home faecal calprotectin tests for monitoring treatment response in inflammatory bowel disease  
  • HTG EdgeSeq ALKPlus Assay EU for ALK status testing in non-small-cell lung cancer  
  • Health app: Sleepio for adults with poor sleep  
  • Health app: ChatHealth communication platform in school nursing services  
  • Health app: GDm-Health for people with gestational diabetes  
  • Thora-3Di for assessing asthma in children  
  • Memokath-028, 044 and 045 stents for urethral obstruction  
  • Mepilex Border dressings for preventing pressure ulcers 
  • Promonitor for monitoring response to biologics in rheumatoid arthritis  
  • Radiation dose monitoring software for medical imaging with ionising radiation