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Monday, 6 November 2017

Latest publications from HEDS in October

Our regular monthly trawl for new publications from HEDS in collaboration with colleagues in ScHARR and further afield has reaped a tremendous amount of fresh research. Many of these are currently in press, so you can find much of our work in its open access form via our institutional repository. Tuck in here.   
Also don't forget that HEDS have a special issue of PharmacoEconomics out this month - you can access all of the papers here

Image of The European Journal of Economics front cover
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        Brazier, J., Rowen, D.L., Karimi, M., Peasgood, T., Tsuchiya, A., Ratcliffe, J., n.d. Experience-based utility and own health state valuation for a health state classification system: why do it and how to do it. European Journal of Health Economics.

       Chambers, D., Preston, L., Topakas, A., de Saille, S., Salway, S., Booth, A., Dawson, J., Wilsdon, J., n.d. Review of diversity and inclusion literature  and an evaluation of methodologies and  metrics relating to health research.

       Cree, I.A., Uttley, L., Buckley Woods, H., Kikuchi, H., Reiman, A., Harnan, S., Whiteman, B.L., Philips, S.T., Messenger, M., Cox, A., Teare, D., Sheils, O., Shaw, J., 2017. The evidence base for circulating tumour DNA blood-based biomarkers for the early detection of cancer: a systematic mapping review. BMC Cancer 17, 697. doi:10.1186/s12885-017-3693-7

Hernandez, M., gray, L., n.d. BETAMIX: A command for fitting mixture regression models for bounded dependent variables using the beta distribution. The Stata Journal.
Image of the STATA Journal front cover
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Hernandez, M., gray, L.A., wailoo, n.d. Development of methods for the mapping of utilities using mixture models:  Mapping the AQLQ-S to EQ-5D-5L and HUI3 in patients with Asthma. Value in Health.

King, M.T., Viney, R., Pickard, A.S., Rowen, D.L., Aaronson, N.K., Brazier, J.E., Cella, D.F., Costa, D.S.J., Fayers, P.M., Kemmler, G., McTaggart-Cowan, H., Mercieca-Bebber, R., Peacock, S., Street, D., Young, T.A., Norman, R., n.d. Australian utility weights for the EORTC QLU-C10D, a multi-attribute utility instrument derived from the cancer-specific quality of life questionnaire, EORTC QLQ-C30. Phamacoeconomics.

Image of PharmacoEconomics Journal   
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       Poku, E.N., Aber, A., Phillips, P., Essat, M., Woods, H., Palfreyman, S., Kaltenthaler, E., Jones, G., Michaels, J., n.d. Systematic review assessing the measurement properties of patient-reported outcomes for venous leg ulcers. British Journal of Surgery.

       Ren, S., Minton, J., Whyte, S., Latimer, N., Stevenson, M., n.d. A new approach for sampling ordered parameters in probabilistic sensitivity analysis. Pharmacoeconomics. doi:10.1007/s40273-017-0584-3

       Stevens, J.W., Fletcher, C., Downey, G., Sutton, A., n.d. A review of methods for comparing treatments evaluated in studies which form disconnected networks of evidence. Research Synthesis Methods.