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Thursday, 13 July 2017

New Technical Support Document

The latest TSD has been produced by the NICE DSU....

TSD19: Partitioned survival analysis for decision modelling in health care: A critical review.
It covers:
  • A description of the partitioned survival analysis approach and how it differs from more conventional state   transition   models   in   terms   of   structural   assumptions   and   data requirements
  • A  review  of  the  use  of  partitioned  survival  analysis in  recent  NICE TAs of  cancer treatments
  • A  critique  of  the  approach  focusing on the implications  of  the  structural  assumptions made for extrapolation and quantification of uncertainties
  • The   relative   merits of partitioned   survival   analysis and   state   transition modelling approaches
  • Recommendations  for  the  selection of  a  modelling  approach,  documentation  of  the selected approach, representation of uncertainties relating to extrapolation, and for further methods research
It is available here.