HEDS is part of the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield. We undertake research, teaching, training and consultancy on all aspects of health related decision science, with a particular emphasis on health economics, HTA and evidence synthesis.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

HEDS in the media - April to June 2017

A lot of the research that ScHARR and HEDS conducts gains media and online attention. As per the last few quarterly periods we have taken a quick look at some the attention using Altmetrics to see what has been said about our work and how far and wide it has reached on social media channels.
Since the start of April till the end of June HEDS have been mentioned 759 times according to Altmetric data. Our research has been mentioned in 11 news stories, cited in two NICE policy documents (with eight combined citations), cited in Wikipedia four times and been subject to 687 Tweets.
Work on clinical effectiveness of bisphosphonates for the prevention of fragility fractures by HEDS was picked up for this article in The Conversation. It was then republished by CNN and then International Business Times and The World Economic Forum a couple of weeks later.
HEDS research was also cited in 12 blogs including The Mental Elf, The Academic Health Economist's Blog, Healthcare Economist and Latest BMJ Blogs. 
So far HEDS work has been Tweeted 7,775 times since Altmetric started collecting data
Image of world map of HEDS Tweets
Tweets by country