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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

HTA methods for complex technologies

INTEGRATE-HTA is an innovative, EU funded project that ended in December 2015. Using palliative care as a case study, this project aimed to develop concepts and methods that enable a patient-centred, comprehensive assessment of complex health technologies.

Members of HEDS have been involved in authoring the following methodological reports in a series of eight reports produced by the INTREGRATE-HTA collaborative project.

LYSDAHL, K.B., MOZYGEMBA, K., BURNS, J., CHILCOTT, J.B., BR├ľNNEKE, J.B., HOFMANN, B. (eds.) (2016) Guidance for assessing effectiveness, economic aspects, ethical aspects, socio-cultural aspects and legal aspects in complex technologies.

BOOTH, A., NOYES J, FLEMMING K, GERHARDUS, A., WAHLSTER, P., VAN DER WILT, G.J., MOZYGEMBA, K., REFOLO, P., SACCHINI, D., TUMMERS, M., REHFUESS, E. (2016) Guidance on choosing qualitative evidence synthesis methods for use in health technology assessments of complex interventions.

ROHWER, A., BOOTH, A., PFADENHAUER, L., BRERETON, L., GERHARDUS, A., MOZYGEMBA, K., OORTWIJN, W., TUMMERS, M., VAN DER WILT, G.J., REHFUESS, E. (2016) Guidance on the use of logic models in health technology assessments of complex interventions.

PFADENHAUER, L., ROHWER, A., BURNS, J., BOOTH, A., LYSDAHL, K.B., HOFMANN, B., GERHARDUS, A., MOZYGEMBA, K., TUMMERS, M., WAHLSTER, P., REHFUESS, E. (2016) Guidance for the Assessment of Context and Implementation in Health Technology Assessments (HTA) and Systematic Reviews of Complex Interventions: The Context and Implementation of Complex Interventions (CICI) Framework.

All reports are available here.