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Monday, 28 September 2015

New project: MTEP review

The market for medical devices is dominated by Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with estimated 2,200 devices companies in the UK. The Medical Technology Evaluation Programme is the stream of NICE used to issue national guidance on medical devices, and is based on a dossier produced by the manufacturer that sets out the clinical and economic case for the product.  Since introduced in 2010, MTEP has issued a total 24 guidance on medical technologies.

HEDS in collaboration with York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) have started a review of economic submissions to the MTEP with the aim of producing advice to SMEs based on experience from previous submissions. A sample of 12 technologies was randomly selected and included in this review, which involves both cases of technologies that has received positive and negative recommendations. This work involves the review External Assessment Centre (EAC) report and the final guidance issued by NICE Medical Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC); and describing methods and weakness of the submissions, relating these to those issues that were considered important by the MTAC.

Issues highlighted from the review of both the EAC and MTAC considerations are grouped into categories representing the different stages of economic evaluation. A summary of learning points identified from both the EAC assessments and MTAC consideration from previous submissions will be identified and presented in the final report. 

This project is funded by Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Sciences Network (YHAHSN) as part of its current collaboration with HEDS and YHEC. HEDS contributions to this review are from Abu Alshreef and Simon Dixon. The final report is due to be submitted by the end of December 2015.