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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Virtual Special Issue of SSM to Celebrate the Work of Gavin Mooney

From SSM:
“Professor Gavin Mooney served for many years as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Social Science & Medicine.  Following his tragic death in December 2012, we are publishing a celebration of his work within Social Science & Medicine.  Gavin published several important papers in Social Science & Medicine, covering a broad range of themes that reflect his contribution to the discipline of health economics and to the public health more generally.

This Virtual Special Issue consists of new specially commissioned reflective tribute papers published as a special section in the journal, interwoven with Gavin’s own contributions to Social Science & Medicine."
The papers within the Special Issue are:
  • Editorial: Inclusiveness and health economics: reflections on the work of Gavin Mooney (1943-2012).  Cam Donaldson, Stephen Birch
  • Inclusiveness in the health economic evaluation space.  Mandy Ryan, Karen Gerard
  • Breast cancer screening: A study in cost-effectiveness analysis.  Gavin Mooney
  • Ante-natal screening: What constitutes ‘benefit’?  Gavin Mooney, Mette Lange
  • Editorial: What else do we want from our health services?  Gavin Mooney
  • Inclusiveness in the value base for health care resource allocation.  Virginia Wiseman
  • “Communitarian claims” as an ethical basis for allocating health care resources.  Gavin Mooney
  • Communitarian claims and community capabilities: furthering priority setting.  Gavin Mooney
  • Proceduralism and its role in economic evaluation and priority setting in health.  Stephen Jan
  • A politico-economic analysis of decision making in funding health service organisations.  Stephen Jan, Eric Dommers, Gavin Mooney
  • Inclusiveness and involvement in global and public health issues.  Diane McIntyre