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Monday, 10 February 2014

Latest journal articles from HEDS

The following articles were published by researchers within HEDS in January.

Endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm
Paravastu SC, Jayarajasingam R, Cottam R, Palfreyman SJ, Michaels JA, Thomas SM
Cochrane Database Syst Rev 1:CD004178 23 Jan 2014

Adjusting Survival Time Estimates to Account for Treatment Switching in Randomized Controlled Trials--an Economic Evaluation Context: Methods, Limitations, and Recommendations
Latimer NR, Abrams KR, Lambert PC, Crowther MJ, Wailoo AJ, Morden JP, Akehurst RL, Campbell MJ
Med Decis Making 21 Jan 2014

Response to Letter to Editor: Capturing Disutility from Waiting Time
Brennan VK, Dixon S
Pharmacoeconomics 22 Jan 2014

Effect of adding a sleep dimension to the EQ-5D descriptive system: A "bolt-on" experiment
Yang Y, Brazier J, Tsuchiya A
Medical Decision Making 34(1):42-53 Jan 2014

The effectiveness of sexual health interventions for people with severe mental illness: a systematic review
Kaltenthaler E, Pandor A, Wong R
Health Technol Assess 18(1):1-74 Jan 2014

Assessing Uncertainties Surrounding Combined Endpoints for Use in Economic Models
Heeg BM, van Hout BA
Med Decis Making 07 Jan 2014

Cost effectiveness of a pragmatic exercise intervention (EXIMS) for people with multiple sclerosis: economic evaluation of a randomised controlled trial
Tosh J, Dixon S, Carter A, Daley A, Petty J, Roalfe A, Sharrack B, Saxton JM
Mult Scler 13 Jan 2014

Pragmatic intervention for increasing self-directed exercise behaviour and improving important health outcomes in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomised controlled trial
Carter A, Daley A, Humphreys L, Snowdon N, Woodroofe N, Petty J, Roalfe A, Tosh J, Sharrack B, Saxton J
Mult Scler 13 Jan 2014

Methods for handling uncertainty within pharmaceutical funding decisions
Stevenson M, Tappenden P, Squires H
International Journal of Systems Science 45(1):60-68 01 Jan 2014 DOI