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Monday, 13 January 2014

NICE decision on degaralix for prostate cancer….

…is it a yes or a no?  NICE has issued new draft guidance recommending degarelix (Firmagon, Ferring Pharmaceuticals), as an option for treating prostate cancer in people with spinal metastases who are at risk of impending spinal cord compression.  However, this is a very much smaller patient population than that which the manufacturer appears to have targeted.

The ERG for this was ScHARR-TAG.  If you want to see how the manufacturer’s base case of degarlix being dominant across a wide patient group, was radically overhauled, see the ERG’s report here.  The ERG team were Lesley Uttley, Sophie Whyte, Timothy Gomersall, Shijie Ren, Ruth Wong and Paul Tappenden, together with external clinical input from  Noel Clarke, David and Derek Rosario.