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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Quarterly HEDS Discussion Paper Round-up

We published the following DPs this quarter and they are available freely online here.

A comparison of three binary choice methods for health state valuation.
Mulhern B, Tsuchiya A, Devlin N, Buckingham K, Rowen D, Brazier J.

Adjusting survival time estimates to account for treatment switching in randomised controlled trials.
Latimer N, Abrams K, Lambert P, Crowther M, Wailoo A, Morden J, Akehurst R, Campbell M.

The Sheffield Type 1 Diabetes Policy Model.
Thokala P, Kruger J, Brennan A, Basarir H, Duenas A, Pandor A, Gillett M, Elliot J, Heller S.

Using preference based measures in mental health conditions: The psychometric validity of the EQ-5D and SF-6D.
Mulhern B, Mukuria C, Barkham M, Knapp M, Byford S, Soeteman D, Brazier J.

Children’s development and parental input: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study.
Popli G, Hernández Alava M.

How to measure quality of life for cost effectiveness analyses in personality disorders?
Papaioannou D,  Brazier J, Parry G.

Identifying Items for the Child Amblyopia Treatment Questionnaire.
Carlton J.

Photo credit: ShironekoEuro via Flickr Creative Commons