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Monday, 16 July 2012

NICE guidance on preventing type 2 diabetes

NICE has published new guidance on identifying people at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and the provision of clinically and cost effective interventions to help reduce the risk or delay the onset of the condition.  The guidance follows a consultation exercise previously reported in the HEDS Blog.

The guidance is based around five reviews, a network meta-analysis and cost-effectiveness modeling undertaken by the ScHARR Public Health Collaborating Centre with considerable input from HEDS. The five reports that fed into the guidance process are listed below and available (here).

Identification and Risk Assessment of adults with pre-diabetes.  By Maxine Johnson, Emma Everson-Hock, Roy Jones, Helen Buckley Woods, Elizabeth Goyder, Jim Chilcott and Nick Payne.

Systematic review and meta-analysis of lifestyle, pharmacological and surgical interventions. By Roy Jones, Crystal Freeman, Maxine Johnson, John Stevens, Helen Buckley Woods, Louise Guillaume, Clare Gillies, Elizabeth Goyder, Jim Chilcott, Nick Payne.

Reviewing mechanisms of successful interventions and translation of major trial evidence to practice. By Maxine Johnson, Roy Jones, Crystal Freeman, Helen Buckley Woods, Mike Gillett, Vishal Ram, Annabel Sidwell, Elizabeth Goyder, Jim Chilcott and Nick Payne.

Views, barriers and facilitators affecting the implementation and effectiveness of interventions to assess the risk of progression to diabetes and the implementation of preventive interventions and behavior change. By Maxine Johnson, Crystal Freeman, Josie Messina, Roy Jones, Helen Buckley Woods, Elizabeth Goyder, Jim Chilcott and Nick Payne.

Economic Review and Modelling. Mike Gillett, Jim Chilcott, Liddy Goyder, Nick Payne, Praveen Thakola, Crystal Freeman, Maxine Johnson and Helen Buckley Woods.