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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

NICE guidance on preventing type 2 diabetes

NICE has published new guidance on preventing type 2 diabetes in the general population, and in groups where the incidence of type 2 diabetes is higher than in the general population.  These groups include people of South Asian, African-Caribbean, black African and Chinese descent, and those with lower socio-economic status.

The guidance is based on 6 reviews from ScHARR and economic analysis led by HEDS.  The HEDS staff involved were Mike Gillett, Alan Brennan, Laurence Blake, Helen Buckley Woods, Jim Chilcott and Monica Hernandez.  Also involved in the modelling from ScHARR’s Public Health section were Emma Everson-Hock, Maxine Johnson, Nick Payne, Liddy Goyder.

The model that was developed predicts transitions between health states on an annual cycle using transition probabilities obtained from algorithms such as QRISK®2 and QDScore®. It included sub-models for CVD, osteoarthritis and cancers, diabetes, other cause mortality, as well as having and independent QoL effect. 

The modelling identifies 3 interventions to be cost-effective.  The results also highlight the need to achieve sustainable benefits (such as, reduction in BMI) beyond just the first year in order for interventions to be cost-effective.

For further information contact Mike Gillett or Alan Brennan.