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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Quarterly Discussion Paper round-up

The following DPs were published this quarter and are available freely online here.

·    Peasgood T, Ward S, Brazier J. A review and meta analysis of health state utility values in breast cancer. DP 10-15.

·    Carlton J. Clinicians’ perspectives of health related quality of life (HRQoL) implications of amblyopia: a qualitative study. DP 10-14.

·    Mulhern B, Smith SC, Rowen D, et al.  Improving the measurement of QALYs in dementia: Developing patient- and carer-reported health state classification systems using Rasch analysis. DP 10-13.

·    Ara R, Wailoo AJ.   Estimating health state utility values for comorbid health conditions: a synopsis of the current evidence base. DP 10-12.

·    Ara R, Brazier JE. Using health state utility values from the general population to approximate baselines in decision analytic models when condition specific data are not available. DP 10-11.

·    McTaggart Cowan HM, Tsuchiya A, O'Cathain A, et al.  The impact of disease adaptation information on general population values for rheumatoid arthritis states.  DP 10-10.

·    Rowen D, Brazier J, Tsuchiya A, et al.  It’s all in the name, or is it? The impact of labelling on health state values. DP 10-09.

·    Hernández Alava M, Wailoo AJ, Ara R.  Tails from the Peak District: adjusted censored mixture models of EQ-5D health state utility values.  DP 10-08.

·    Stevens K . Valuation of the Child Health Utility Index 9D (CHU9D). DP 10-07.

·    Hernández Alava M, Wailoo AJ. Multilevel modelling of cost data: an application to thrombolysis and primary angioplasty in the UK NHS. DP 10-06.

·    Carlton J, Kaltenthaler E. Amblyopia and quality of life: a systematic review. DP 10-05.

·    Simon Dixon.  Public attitudes to compulsory health programmes: generating questions from a focus group to support a willingness to pay study.  DP 10-04.