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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Dr Matt Franklin announced as our new Director of our Masters in Health Economics and Decision Modelling (HEDM)

Image of Dr Matt Franklin
Dr Matt Franklin
Dr Matt Franklin has taken over as Director of our Masters in Health Economics and Decision Modelling (HEDM).

The MSc in Health Economics and Decision Modelling (HEDM) is one of a suite of 3 MSc's that the University of Sheffield offer in the field of health economics, decision modelling and health technology assessment (HTA), the others being the on-line MSc in International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement and the more econometrics-focused MSc in Economics and Health Economics. 

Dr Franklin said: "I am delighted to take over from Dr John Stevens as Director of the HEDM Masters course from the 1st July 2018. John has done an excellent job in the role over the last 3 years and I hope to maintain his high and impressive standards as I take over the role. As an alumni of the Economic and Health Economics (E&HE) Masters course (Director then and now being Prof Aki Tsuchiya - someone who has influenced my career as a health economist more than I think she knows), which I completed almost 10 years ago."

"I remember my time as a Masters student at the University of Sheffield and I hope to use this experience to my advantage. I will be looking to apply my 10 years of health economic experience in an alumni, research, and teaching capacity to the Director of HEDM role. If I can serve the staff and students associated with the HEDM course as well as those associated with the E&HE course served me as a student 10 years ago, this is the best for which I could hope."