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Friday, 22 June 2018

EUnetHTA Implementation…

…or should that be lack of implementation?  EUnetHTA have just published a report on the implementation of their Third Joint Assessment (JA3) programme.  The headline results are:

“Forty-six examples of use of JA3 EUnetHTA assessments were reported…[relating to five assessments].  Twenty-eight (61%) examples described use to support or as an alternative to existing HTA procedures and 18 (39%) were examples of dissemination
practices to support awareness of HTA and EUnetHTA assessments.

So, 28 instances of it being used ‘to support’ and 18 instances of dissemination.  The 28 instances of ‘support’, upon further investigation, appear to be as an additional source of information within an unchanged process.  Is this really implementation?

28 EU nations. 5 reports. That’s 140 potential instances of implementation.  Actual cases of implementation…….