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Monday, 23 April 2018

March’s CEAs, systematic reviews and epidemiological models in LMICs

To help us keep on top of current research in low and middle-income countries, we are running a monthly search of research that is aligned to our core research interests.  It's a simple search strategy, with those published last month that are most aligned to our interests listed below.  The full list of articles is kept in our "Searches archive" in the right-hand column.
  • Cazarim MS, Pereira LRL. Cost-effectiveness analysis of pharmaceutical care for hypertensive patients from the perspective of the public health system in Brazil. PloS one. 2018;13(3):e0193567.
  • Loganathan T, Ng CW, Lee WS, Hutubessy RCW, Verguet S, Jit M. Thresholds for decision-making: informing the cost-effectiveness and affordability of rotavirus vaccines in Malaysia. Health policy and planning. 2018;33(2):204-14.
  • Luz PM, Osher B, Grinsztejn B, Maclean RL, Losina E, Stern ME, et al. The cost-effectiveness of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in men who have sex with men and transgender women at high risk of HIV infection in Brazil. Journal of the International AIDS Society. 2018;21(3):e25096.
  • Pang B, Zhao LH, Li XL, Song J, Li QW, Liao X, et al. Different intervention strategies for preventing type 2 diabetes mellitus in China: A systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Diabetes, obesity & metabolism. 2018;20(3):718-22.
  • Zeng W, Li G, Ahn H, Nguyen HTH, Shepard DS, Nair D. Cost-effectiveness of health systems strengthening interventions in improving maternal and child health in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review. Health policy and planning. 2018;33(2):283-97.