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Thursday, 14 December 2017

An analysis of HTA and reimbursement procedures in EUnetHTA partner countries

A very handy reference document.  A brief summary of findings, taken from the website, is below:
“Data were received from 59 agencies in 31 EUnetHTA partner countries. Data included national procedures as well as regional procedures in Spain and Italy. Twenty-one agencies in 9 countries took part in case studies. 29 out of 31 of countries (94%) reported having procedures for the assessment of pharmaceuticals and 22 out of 31 countries (71%) reported having procedures for the assessment of non-pharmaceutical health technologies. A smaller number of assessments are carried out of non-pharmaceutical health technologies than of pharmaceuticals, 10 countries (45%) complete less than 30 assessments per year for non-pharmaceutical health technologies compared to 4 countries (14%) for pharmaceuticals. For pharmaceuticals, a smaller number of countries assess inpatient than outpatient technologies (22 (76%) and 29 (100%) countries, respectively). However, for non-pharmaceutical health technology assessment most countries (20 out of 22 (91%)) do not differentiate between settings.