HEDS is part of the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield. We undertake research, teaching, training and consultancy on all aspects of health related decision science, with a particular emphasis on health economics, HTA and evidence synthesis.

Friday, 13 October 2017

HEDS Discussion Papers available on Open Access database

HEDS produces its own series of discussion papers which started way back in 2001 with a paper by Professor John Brazier, who is now the Dean of ScHARR. The complete series of 137 papers can now be accessed on our own institutional White Rose open access repository. The collection can be viewed and downloaded by going to here

Image of the front cover of the first HEDS Discussion Paper
The first HEDS Discussion Paper 

The series is intended to promote discussion papers in progress. The Views expressed are those of the authors, and therefore should not be quoted without their permission. However, comments are welcome and we ask that they be sent direct to the corresponding author.