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Monday, 25 September 2017

Medtech Innovation Briefings (MIBs)…

… published since our last update in April are listed below.  The MIBs review relevant published evidence and the likely costs of new technologies. They are designed to be fast, flexible and responsive to the need for information on innovative technologies.  MIBs are commissioned by NHS England.  Further details are available here.
  • Aptiva for painful diabetic neuropathy   
  • Fungitell for antifungal treatment stratification   
  • Biopatch for venous or arterial catheter sites   
  • Urethrotech UCD for difficult or failed catheterisation   
  • VEST external stent for coronary artery bypass grafts   
  • FebriDx for C-reactive protein and Myxovirus resistance protein A testing in primary care   
  • Nasal Alar SpO2 sensor for monitoring oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry   
  • Arctic Sun 5000 for therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest   
  • Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold system for coronary artery disease   
  • Aquilion PRIME CT scanner for imaging coronary artery disease in adults in whom imaging is difficult   
  • Somatom Definition Edge CT scanner for imaging coronary artery disease in adults in whom imaging is difficult   
  • L-Dex U400 for lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment   
  • FreeStyle Libre for glucose monitoring   
  • RIDASCREEN tests for monitoring infliximab in inflammatory bowel disease   
  • Neo Pedicle Screw System for spinal fusion surgery   
  • SecurAcath for securing cerebrospinal fluid catheters   
  • Bindex for investigating suspected osteoporosis   
  • Permacol for treating anal fistulae   
  • NaviCam for diagnosing gastrointestinal tract conditions   
  • Hemosep for cell salvage   
Image:  Innovation by Boegh