HEDS is part of the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield. We undertake research, teaching, training and consultancy on all aspects of health related decision science, with a particular emphasis on health economics, HTA and evidence synthesis.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Latest Publications from HEDS in August

Our regular monthly trawl for new publications from HEDS in collaboration with colleagues in ScHARR and further afield has reaped a tremendous amount of fresh research. Many of these are currently in press, so you can find much of our work in its open access form via our institutional repository. Tuck in here.   

Aber, A., Poku, E., Phillips, P., Essat, M., Buckley Woods, H., Palfreyman, S., Kaltenthaler, E., Jones, G., Michaels, J., 2017. Systematic review of patient-reported outcome measures in patients with varicose veins. British Journal of Surgery. doi:10.1002/bjs.10639

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Ali, S., Tsuchiya, A., Asaria, M., Cookson, R., 2017. How Robust Are Value Judgments of Health Inequality Aversion? Testing for Framing and Cognitive Effects. Medical Decision. Making. 37, 635–646. doi:10.1177/0272989X17700842

Aslam, R.W., Hendry, M., Booth, A., Carter, B., Charles, J.M., Craine, N., Edwards, R.T., Noyes, J., Ntambwe, L.I., Pasterfield, D., Rycroft-Malone, J., Williams, N., Whitaker, R., 2017. Intervention Now to Eliminate Repeat Unintended Pregnancy in Teenagers (INTERUPT): a systematic review of intervention effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, and qualitative and realist synthesis of implementation factors and user engagement. BMC Medicine 15, 155. doi:10.1186/s12916-017-0904-7

Chambers, D., Booth, A., Rodgers, M., Preston, L., Baxter, S., Dalton, J., Thomas, S., Johnson, M., Goyder, E., Parker, G., Street, A., Eastwood, A., 2017. NIHR HS&DR evidence synthesis centres: achievements and learning from the first three year programme, 2014–2017. NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme, Southampton.

Grimm, S.E., Strong, M., Brennan, A., wailoo, A., n.d. The HTA Risk Analysis Chart: Visualising the Need for and Potential Value of Managed Entry Agreements in Health Technology Assessment. Pharmacoeconomics.

Image of Health Economics Journal
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Johannesen, K.M., Claxton, K., Sculpher, M.J., Wailoo, A.J., n.d. How to design the cost-effectiveness appraisal process of new healthcare technologies to maximise population health: A conceptual framework. Health Economics. doi:10.1002/hec.3561

Keetharuth, D., Brazier, J., Connell, J., Bjorner, J., Carlton, J., Taylor Buck, E., Ricketts, T., McKendrick, K., Browne, J., Croudace, T., Barkham, M., n.d. Recovering Quality of Life (ReQoL): a new generic self-reported outcome measure for use with people experiencing mental health difficulties. British Journal of Psychiatry.

Lysdahl, K.B., Mozygemba, K., Burns, J., Brönneke, J.B., Chilcott, J.B., Ward, S., Hofmann, B., 2017. Comprehensive assessment of complex technologies: integrating various aspects in health technology assessment. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. doi:10.1017/S0266462317000678

Preston, L.R., Chambers, D., Campbell, F., Cantrell, A., Turner, J., Goyder, E., 2017. What evidence is there for the identification and management of frail older people in the emergency department? A systematic mapping review. NIHR Journals Library, Southampton.

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Simpson, E.L., Hock, E., Stevenson, M., Wong, R., Dracup, N., Wailoo, A., Conaghan, P.G., Estrach, C., Edwards, C.J., Wakefield, R.J., n.d. What is the added value of ultrasound joint examination for monitoring synovitis in rheumatoid arthritis and can it be used to guide treatment decisions? A systematic review and cost-effectiveness analysis. Health Technol. Assess.

Squires, H., Pandor, A., Thokala, P., Stevens, J.W., Kaltenthaler, E., Clowes, M., Coleman, R., Wyld, L., 2017. Pertuzumab for the Neoadjuvant Treatment of Early-Stage HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of a NICE Single Technology Appraisal. Pharmacoeconomics. doi:10.1007/s40273-017-0556-7

Squires, H.Y., Poku, E., Bermejo, I., Cooper, K., Stevens, J., Hamilton, J., Wong, R., Denniston, A., Pearce, I., Quhill, F., n.d. A systematic review and economic evaluation of adalimumab and dexamethasone for treating non-infectious intermediate, posterior or panuveitis in adults. Health Technol. Assess.