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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Kadcyla ‘yes’ from NICE

From the NICE website:

“Kadcyla is currently being funded through the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF). The new agreement means if there are no appeals against the new draft guidance, the drug will move out of the CDF into routine NHS funding later this summer. This will mean eligible patients will no longer have to apply for funding and the drug will be paid for in the normal way.

Alongside the offer from Roche to reduce the cost to the NHS, another important factor in the decision to recommend the drug was the committee’s agreement that it was appropriate to compare Kadcyla with Herceptin plus capecitabine. NICE had previously compared Kadcyla’s efficacy against a different combination of treatments.This change was made because Herceptin plus capecitabine is now considered standard treatment for people with advanced breast cancer.

Based on the clinical and cost effectiveness analysis using this comparator, incorporating the new commercial access agreement and applying end-of-life criteria, the drug now comes within the range considered to be a cost-effective use of NHS resources.”

The ERG report for this was produced by ScHARR-TAG, and more specifically, Hazel Squires, John Stevens and Helen Bell.

Image: Yes by Quinn Dombrowski