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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

NICE says ‘yes’ to free condoms….

The guidance recommends providing a range of condom distribution schemes to meet the needs of different people to help reduce STI rates.  NICE also recommends local authorities consider giving free condoms to people at high risk of getting an STI, such as those who are involved in increased rates of risky sex (for example, they may have multiple partners or frequently change partners). These condoms could be distributed through pharmacies, sexual health charities, and universities.

The recommendation used work undertaken by HEDS, or more specifically, Susi Sadler, Jonathan Tosh, Andrew Rawdin, Hazel Squires, Anthea Sutton and Jim Chilcott.  Their report, “A model to evaluate the cost effectiveness of condom distribution (CD) schemes, developed for NICE public health guidance on condom distribution schemes and sexually transmitted infections (STIs)” is available on the NICE website.

Image: No Protection No Affection by teofilo