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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

HEDS in the media - January to March 2017

A lot of the research that ScHARR and HEDS conducts gains media and online attention. As per the last few quarterly periods we have taken a quick look at some the attention using Altmetrics to see what has been said about our work and how far and wide it has reached on social media channels.

Dr Chris Carroll's piece in The BMJ 'Qualitative evidence synthesis to improve implementation of clinical guidelines' received an awful lot of attention across Twitter as 279 Tweets were sent as a result of the article. Richard Lehman's popular journal round up in the BMJ Opinion Blog wrote saying; "here at last is a very good BMJ analysis piece making the point clearly and trenchantly."

As you can imagine, a piece of research by HEDS with the title: 'Complimentary and Alternative Medicine for Management of Premature Ejaculation' was always going to gain some media attention. The Mail Online, Fox News and Medscape all gave coverage to this research. As did Edzard Ernst with his own tabloid headlined article; "Coming sooner or later – alternative therapies for premature ejaculation". ScienceBlogs also picked up on the article which lead to dozens of comments, not all of them puerile.

Since January our research has been picked up in 17 news stories, featured in 10 blogs and Tweeted about somewhere in the region of 500 times; with 140 Tweets (how apt) on the 17th January when it was mostly the aforementioned research by Dr Carroll being shared.

Much of our work around alcohol pricing was mentioned in the release of The House of Commons Briefing Paper 'Alcohol: Minimum Pricing'. The Lancet paper 'Effects of minimum unit pricing for alcohol on different income and socioeconomic groups: a modelling study' from 2014 was cited in the Parliamentary paper published in January this year.

Here is the Altmetric data from the first three months of 2017.

Image of HEDS altmetric data from first quarter of 2017
HEDS Altmetric data from first quarter of 2017