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Thursday, 20 October 2016

2nd Panel on Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine

After three years for deliberation, they’ve reported!  For those of you unaware of the history, the 1st Panel was convened in 1993 and introduced a set of methods that were widely used and pre-dated just about all reimbursement guidelines.  They introduced the concept of a reference case!

The guidelines have been updated.  Most of the recommendations (which are in an e-Appendix) are largely unchanged, but here’s the most important changes that I can see…..
  • Two reference cases
  • Inclusion of an impact inventory
  • Inclusion of future
  • Design and analysis protocols
  • Decision model recommendations
  • Reporting checklist
  • Unrelated health care costs included in additional years of life
  • CEACs and CEAFs
  • Value of information analysis
There is a downside to this of course……I’m going to have to re-write my lectures on our International Health Technology Assessment suite of teaching!