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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Latest journal articles from HEDS

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Who gains clinical benefit from using insulin pump therapy? A qualitative study of the perceptions and views of health professionals involved in the Relative Effectiveness of Pumps over MDI and Structured Education (REPOSE) trial
Lawton J, Kirkham J, Rankin D, White DA, Elliott J, Jaap A, Smithson WH, Heller S, Gianfrancesco C, Gordon V, et al.
Diabetic Medicine 33(2):243-251

Non-pharmacological treatments for stuttering in children and adults: a systematic review and evaluation of clinical effectiveness, and exploration of barriers to successful outcomes.
Baxter S, Johnson M, Blank L, Cantrell A, Brumfitt S, Enderby P, Goyder E
Health Technol Assess 20(2):1-302

Ledipasvir-Sofosbuvir for treating Chronic Hepatitis C: A NICE Single Technology Appraisal - An Evidence Review Group Perspective
Thokala P, Simpson E, Tappenden P, Stevens J, Dickinson K, Ryder S, Harrison P

QLU-C10D: a health state classification system for a multi-attribute utility measure based on the EORTC QLQ-C30
King MT, Costa DSJ, Aaronson NK, Brazier JE, Cella DF, Fayers PM, Grimison P, Janda M, Kemmler G, Norman R, et al.
Quality of Life Research 1-12 20

The use of surgery in the treatment of ER+ early stage breast cancer in England: Variation by time, age and patient characteristics.
Richards P, Ward S, Morgan J, Lagord C, Reed M, Collins K, Wyld L
Eur J Surg Oncol 13 Jan 2016

Comparison of brief interventions in primary care on smoking and excessive alcohol consumption: A population survey in England
Brown J, West R, Angus C, Beard E, Brennan A, Drummond C, Hickman M, Holmes J, Kaner E, Michie S
British Journal of General Practice 66(642):e1-e9 01 Jan 2016

Current use was established and Cochrane guidance on selection of social theories for systematic reviews of complex interventions was developed.
Noyes J, Hendry M, Booth A, Chandler J, Lewin S, Glenton C, Garside R
J Clin Epidemiol 06 Jan 2016

Factors associated with completion of bowel cancer screening and the potential effects of simplifying the screening test algorithm
Kearns B, Whyte S, Seaman HE, Snowball J, Halloran SP, Butler P, Patnick J, Nickerson C, Chilcott J
British Journal of Cancer 14 Jan 2016 DOI

Developing policy analytics for public health strategy and decisions—the Sheffield alcohol policy model framework
Brennan A, Meier P, Purshouse R, Rafia R, Meng Y, Hill-Macmanus D
Annals of Operations Research 236(1):149-176 01 Jan 2016 DOI

The Head Injury Transportation Straight to Neurosurgery (HITS-NS) randomised trial: a feasibility study.
Lecky F, Russell W, Fuller G, McClelland G, Pennington E, Goodacre S, Han K, Curran A, Holliman D, Freeman J, et al.
Health Technol Assess 20(1):1-198 Jan 2016 Author URL DOI

A theory-based online health behaviour intervention for new university students (U@Uni: LifeGuide): Results from a repeat randomized controlled trial
Cameron D, Epton T, Norman P, Sheeran P, Harris PR, Webb TL, Julious SA, Brennan A, Thomas C, Petroczi A, et al.
Trials 07 Dec 2015 DOI White Rose Research Online