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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Top 10 Articles Published by HEDS staff in 2015

2015 was a busy year for HEDS researchers and below we present the top 10 publications according to their altmetric score. Altmetrics are alternative indicators for scholarly reach and creates an altmetric score based on Tweets, Mendeley saves, blog posts, media coverage and Facebook Shares among other indicators. 191 articles were included in the data, which are HEDS publications mentioned in the last year, but not exclusive to 2015. According to the altmetric data HEDS publications were covered in 22 News stories, 23 blogs, 12 policy documents, 8 Wikipedia entries, was subject to 1509 Tweets and 71 Facebook shares. The data was gartered between 18th January 2015 to 18th January 2016.

Below is the table to the top 10 with Andrew Booth taking top spot with a paper he co-authored in PLOS. The paper was Tweeted 290 times, saved to Mendeley 49 times, CiteUlike 4 times and blogged once. Not all publications covered in the complete list was published in 2015, but were still communicated and shared in 2015, thus showing the long tail of our research.
The full list of research included in the 2015 export can be viewed here:
HEDS Altmetrics Chart 2015 

Top 10 HEDS Publications according to Altmetric.com

We can also see from the data the publications HEDS staff published the most in with our HTA Reports taking top spot. As for the journals, Value in Health hosted no less than 11 articles and PharmacoEconomics publishing eight papers.

Top 10 Most Popular Publications for HEDS staff in 2015

Finally we can see the reach of our research on Twitter with 51% of Tweets happening outside of the UK, with over 200 North American Tweeters sharing our research, making up for 20% of all HEDS research Tweets in 2015.

How HEDS Research was Tweeted in 2015