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Thursday, 8 October 2015

New project: Wellbeing measures for evaluation of the NHS new care model vanguards

The new care model vanguards was introduced by the NHS as part of the five year forward view and supporting the integration of services. Three types of models were introduced: integrated primary and acute care systems; enhanced health in care homes; and multispecialty community provider vanguards. In March 2015, the first wave of 29 vanguard sites was selected with five sites across Yorkshire. NHS England is developing a metrics and dashboard for monitoring and rapid cycle evaluation of the new care model vanguards. 

HEDS is working with representatives from the vanguard sites and NHS England in planning for the evaluation of the new care models. Our contribution involves reviewing and assessing the existing wellbeing measures and drafting scoping document to inform the evaluation plan and could be used as basis to inform the national metrics.

We reviewed the evidence on different theories of wellbeing, described the relevant and widely used measures, and summarized their assessments in terms of domains, psychometric validity, scoring system and wide spread in different population groups.

This work is funded by Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Sciences Network (YHAHSN) as part of its current collaboration with HEDS. The final scoping document is due to be submitted by October 2015.