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Thursday, 12 February 2015

HERG Virtual Research Seminars

The HERG virtual research seminar is a web-based meeting for PhD students and early career researchers in health economics based at universities and research institutes. It provides the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with colleagues with no travel time or costs, and to extend a research network and develop new collaborations. The meetings encourage high quality, constructive academic feedback supporting and promoting health economics research.

Oral presentations are invited from PhD students and early career researchers who would like to discuss work-in-progress with a focus on health economics. Please contact us if you would like to present your work: herg.vrs@brunel.ac.uk

The next webinar is on Wednesday, February 25th at 1pm

The presenter is Dr. Paul Mitchell, King's College London

Title: The relative impacts of major disease on health status and capability wellbeing: would priorities change under a different evaluative space?

Summary: Evaluations of the outcomes of disease and health services commonly focus exclusively on health status. There is, however, also concern about broader impacts on wellbeing and, increasingly, on a person's capability. In this presentation, Paul will discuss a recent study that compares the impact on health status and capability of seven major health conditions, utilising data from four countries, and assess differences in priorities when outcomes are measured by (i) health status (using the EQ-5D-5L) and (ii) capability (using the ICECAP-A).

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