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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Project update: MALT completion and online model

The MALT project looked at barriers to the adoption of telehealth technologies.  There are various strands to the project and now that it is compete, the website has been tidied up and so that all outputs can be easily accessed.  One output is an online economic and financial model…..

The model focuses on CHF or COPD and is based around health states defined by numbers of hospitalisations, with the transition matrices based on an analysis of CCG-specific HES data.  It produces costs and QALYs and PSA, for your standard economic evaluation.  However, it is also designed to produce greater detail of financial flows between stakeholders and allow service delivery options to be investigated in greater detail.

We’re drafting papers around the maths of the HES-based transition matrices and the value of integrated financial and economic models.  But in the meantime, the model is up and running and free to use here.