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Monday, 14 July 2014

New project: Technology Assessment Review

AKA ‘the NICE TA contract’.  More formally, the NIHR say:

“The NIHR’s Technology Assessment Review (TAR) teams provide evidence to support NICE and other policy customers’ health and social care assessment processes.  There are nine TAR Teams, with eight based in England and one in Scotland. A commissioning process completed on 19 June, with the result that the contracts for the existing nine TAR Teams will be renewed from April 2016, subject to contract, with additional assessment capacity of around six percent per annum.  The value of the current five year TAR contract is £36.1m. This will increase to £38.1m over five years from April 2016.”

ScHARR-TAG is one of the teams and the bid was led by Eva Kaltenthaler.