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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Latest journal articles from HEDS

Published in June….

Systematic review, network meta-analysis and exploratory cost-effectiveness model of randomized trials of minimally invasive techniques versus surgery for varicose veins.
Carroll C, Hummel S, Leaviss J, Ren S, Stevens JW, Cantrell A, Michaels J
Br J Surg 25 Jun 2014

Alcohol tax pass-through across the product and price range: do retailers treat cheap alcohol differently?
Ally AK, Meng Y, Chakraborty R, Dobson PW, Seaton JS, Holmes J, Angus C, Guo Y, Hill-McManus D, Brennan A, et al.
Addiction 24 Jun 2014

Modelling the economics of type 2 diabetes mellitus prevention: A literature review of methods
Watson P, Preston L, Squires H, Chilcott J, Brennan A
Applied Health Economics and Health Policy 12(3):239-253 Jun 2014

Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an awareness campaign for colorectal cancer: A mathematical modeling study
Whyte S, Harnan S
Cancer Causes and Control 25(6):647-658 Jun 2014

A systematic review, psychometric analysis and qualitative assessment of generic preference-based measures of health in mental health populations and the estimation of mapping functions from widely used specific measures
Brazier J, Connell J, Papaioannou D, Mukuria C, Mulhern B, Peasgood T, Jones ML, Paisley S, O'Cathain A, Parry G, et al.
Health Technology Assessment May 2014.

Promoting Health Literacy through Community Based Peer Support: a participatory approach to a realist review.
Croot L, Harris J, Thompson J, Van Cleemput P, Booth A, Campbell F, Springett J, Wilkins E
International Journal of Qualitative Methods 12: 727-728. 2013

An Australian discrete choice experiment to value EQ-5D health states
Viney R, Norman R, Cronin P, Brazier J, King MT, Ratcliffe J, Street D
Health Economics 23(6):729-742 Jun 2014