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Friday, 7 March 2014

Project update: PRET

The Preparatory study for the Re-valuation of the EQ-5D Tariff (PRET) project aimed to look at different methodological options for valuing health states in any future EQ-5D tariff.  It looked at key methodological developments since the original MVH study that used face-to-face interviews using time trade-off tasks.

The study examined the impact of duration of health state, perspective, use and length of lead time, use of discrete choice experiments and different administration techniques.  Differences were examined quantitatively and qualitatively.

The project is now complete.  The team were Mulhern B, Bansback N, Brazier J, Buckingham K, Cairns J, Devlin N, Dolan P, Hole AR, Kavetsos G, Longworth L, Rowen D and Tsuchiya A.  The project report is available here.