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Monday, 3 February 2014

Health Utilities Database (HUD)

ScHARRHUD is an innovative database aimed at improving access to health utilities evidence.  It was developed and is managed by the Information Resources Group (IRG) within HEDS at ScHARR.  ScHARRHUD is a free, searchable web-based resource. The database holds bibliographic details of studies reporting health state utility values.

ScHARRHUD is searchable by the names of health state valuation instruments used in each study. In providing this level of indexing, it aims to make the retrieval of health utilities evidence both more efficient and effective. Whilst the focus of ScHARRHUD is on generic, preference-based measures, such as the EQ-5D, the database extracts and indexes the names of all instruments used in studies.

ScHARRHUD is an idea in development, and as such, suggestions and feedback on how it could be developed are welcomed.  Alternatively, keep up-to-date with developments via Twitter @ScHARRHUD.