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Thursday, 14 November 2013

The plan is…we need a new plan

Just published, details of the new Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme for the UK.  How will it all work?  Errrrrr.  We’re not sure….

The Scheme will “Improve access to innovative medicines commensurate to outcomes they offer patients by ensuring that medicines approved by NICE are available widely in the NHS.”

“The assumption is that prices at launch will be set at a level that is close to their expected value as assessed by NICE.”

“Companies will also retain the option of proposing a Patient Access Scheme as now for medicines subject to assessment by NICE.”

“NICE will undertake all elements of assessment for a broader definition of value.”

“NICE should “encompass the different valuation of ‘End of Life’ treatments in the current approach within the system of Burden of Illness weights.”

“DH will work with Industry and NICE to support further consideration of issues and potential resolutions around the use of unlicensed comparators and optimising the contribution to NICE’s work of independent Evidence Review Groups.”