HEDS is part of the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield. We undertake research, teaching, training and consultancy on all aspects of health related decision science, with a particular emphasis on health economics, HTA and evidence synthesis.

Thursday, 31 October 2013


6 workshops, 3 issues panels, 3 research podiums and 13 posters.  Or see us at Booth 129.  This is all neatly summarized in in the slides below.

If this isn’t friendly to your device, details are below: 


Monday (W3) 16:45-17:45
Navigating the waters of economic evaluations of medical devices
Praveen Thokala

Tuesday (W7) 08:45-09:45
Statistical challenges in HTA
Nick Latimer

Tuesday (W8) 08:45-09:45
The economic evaluation of diagnostics: challenges and methods for assessing value
Ron Akehurst

Tuesday (W11) 08:45-09:45
Multiple challenges in capturing utilities for paediatric conditions
John Brazier

Wednesday (W24) 13:34-14:45
Methods for dealing with treatment switching in clinical trials
Nick Latimer

Wednesday (W25) 13:45-14:45
Navigating the pitfalls around progression-free survival estimation
John Stevens

Issues panels

Tuesday (IP7) 13:45 - 14:45
Making value-based pricing a reality
John Brazier (panelist)

Tuesday (IP8) 13:45-14:45
How are the results from HTA methodology research implemented in the updates of HTA guidelines?
Allan Wailoo (panelist)

Wednesday (IP17) 10:00 - 11:00
How can health economic modellers win the trust of decision makers?
Paul Tappenden (panelist)

Research Podiums

Monday (M01) 14:15-15:15
A guide to adjusting survival time estimates to account for treatment switching in randomised controlled trials
Nick Latimer

Monday (PP2) 14:15-15:15
Multinational consistency of a discrete choice model in quantifying health states for the extended 5-level EQ-5D
Ben van Hout

Monday (CL3) 15:30-16:30
Validation of surrogate endpoints in advanced solid tumours: systematic review of statistical methods, results and implications for policy makers.
Paul Tappenden


Monday (PRS6) Discussion: 13:15-14:15
Systematic review of colistimethate sodium dry powder and tobramycin dry powder antibiotics for pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection in cystic fibrosis
Sue Harnan

Monday (PRS38) Discussion: 13:15-14:15
The cost-effectiveness of dry powder antibiotics for the treatment of pseudomonas aeruginosa in patients with cystic fibrosis
Paul Tappenden

Monday (PCN89) Discussion: 18:30-19:30
Economic evaluation of an electrical impedance spectoscopy (EIS) device used as an adjunct to colposcopy
Alice Bessey

Monday (PCN97) Discussion: 18:30-19:30
A systematic review and critical appraisal of economic evaluations of radiotherapy for cancer
Roberta Ara

Monday (PCN107) Discussion: 18:30-19:30
Economic evidence of surgical procedures in cancer:
a systematic literature review
Hasan Basarir

Monday (PCN121) Discussion: 18:30-19:30
Evaluating the cost effectiveness of gene expression profiling and immunohistochemistry tests
Rachid Rafia

Tuesday (PHP216) Discussion: 12:45-13:45
Comparing the value of different HTA decision making process: evaluating the evaluators
Allan Wailoo

Tuesday (PCV90) Discussion: 18:00-19:00
Issues with cost-effectiveness modelling of diagnostic tests – case study of ischaemic cardiomyopathy
Praveen Thokala

Tuesday (PCV105) Discussion: 18:00-19:00
Telemonitoring after discharge from hospital with heart failure – cost-effectiveness modelling of alternative service designs
Praveen Thokala

Tuesday (PMS61) Discussion: 18:00-19:00
Health economic modelling of sequential therapies for rheumatoid arthritis: A systematic review
Jon Tosh

Wednesday (PRM32) Discussion: 12:45-13:45
Development of the ScHARR Health Utilities Database (HUD)
Angie Rees

Wednesday (PRM178) Discussion: 12:45-13:45
Modelling the relationship between the Womac osteoarthritis index and EQ-5D
Allan Wailoo

Wednesday (PRM230) Discussion: 12:45-13:45
Should there be an option to “unrefer” NICE single technology appraisals: case study of aripiprazole for bipolar I disorder in adolescents
Lesley Uttley