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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Quarterly HEDS Discussion Paper Round-up

Published in the last quarter and available here:

Happy and Healthy: A Joint Model of Health and Life Satisfaction
Monica Hernandez-Alava, Christopher James Sampson, Allan Wailoo

Estimation of own and cross price elasticities of alcohol demand in the UK – a pseudo-panel approach using the Living Costing and Food Survey 2001 to 2009
Y. Meng, A. Brennan, R. Purshouse, D. Hill-McManus, C. Angus, J. Holmes, P.S. Meier

Modelling the potential cost-effectiveness of a targeted follow-up intervention to improve glycaemic response following structured training in flexible intensive insulin therapy
J Kruger, A Brennan, P Thokala, H Basarir, D Cooke, M Clark, R Bond, S R Heller

Childcare, breadwinning and mortality in the Swedish parental cohort of 1988/89
Anna Mansdotter , Aki Tsuchiya, Mona Backhans, Johan Hallqvist, Michael Lundberg, Andreas Lundin, Lars Lindholm

The identification and review of cost effectiveness model parameters: a qualitative study
M Essat, P Tappenden, E Kaltenthaler S Paisley