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Thursday, 12 September 2013

New project: Using DCE for EQ5D-5L Valuations

Further exploration into using DCE for EQ5D-5L Valuations (FEDEV) contributes to the methodology of health state valuation - of placing different EQ-5D health states on the numerical scale with 1 for full health and 0 for being dead, representing the way members of the public value these states.  The study is funded by the EuroQol Group, a non-profit organisation that owns the EQ-5D instrument.  We have received earlier funding from the EuroQol Group to examine how Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) can be used to value the new, 5-level, variant of the EQ-5D instrument (the PRET-AS project). The new project follows on from the previous one. It will examine eight further methodological issues around the use of DCE through a series of on-line surveys of 4000 members of the public, so that it can be refined as a possible method of health state valuation.

The project is running from 1 Sep 2013 to 6 June 2014.  It is lead by Aki Tsuchiya (HEDS and Dept Economics) with Nick Bansback (UBC), Arne Risa Hole (Dept Economics) and Brendan Mulhern (HEDS) as co-investigators.

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Photo credit: Images_of_Money via Flickr Creative Commons