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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Commissioning Whole Pathways for LTCs

We're offering a free training course to NHS commissioning teams, entitled "Planning and Commissioning Whole-Pathways of Care for Long-Term Conditions."

This course aims to introduce a structured and systematic approach to evaluating existing pathways of care and potential service re-designs for long-term conditions. The course will show how health economics can be used to aid in evidence-based commissioning at a local level.

The key principles of health economics shall be introduced, along with a systematic framework for process mapping of whole-pathways of care and evaluating potential service re-designs, with examples of local implementations.

Time between the workshops will provide an opportunity for the participants to reflect on what has been taught and put the learning outcomes into practice.

This course is aimed at multidisciplinary teams, based in clinical commissioning groups or health and well-being boards, responsible for commissioning services for long-term conditions. These teams are expected to consist of strategic managers, clinicians and analysts.

The training consists of 2 half-day workshops: 17th September and 28th October 2013, you should attend both sessions.

Further details may be found here.

Photo credit: kevin dooley via Flickr Creative Commons