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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Latest journal articles from HEDS

The following articles were published by researchers within HEDS in June:

Assessing searches in NICE Single Technology Appraisals: practice and checklist.
Wong R, Paisley S, Carroll C
Int J Technol Assess Health Care 1-8 17 Jun 2013 Author URL DOI

A systematic review, psychometric analysis and qualitative assessment of Generic Preference-Based Measures of Health in Mental Health Populations and the estimation of mapping functions from widely used specific measures
Brazier J, Connell J, Papaioannou D, Mukuria C, Mulhern B, Peasgood T, Lloyd MJ, Paisley S, O’Cathain A, Barkham M, et al.

Tilt testing is more cost-effective than implantable loop recorder monitoring as a means of directing pacing therapy in people with recurrent episodes of suspected vasovagal syncope that affect their quality of life or present a high risk of injury
Davis S, Westby M, Petkar S, Pitcher D
Heart 99(11):805-810 Jun 2013 DOI

Choosing vs. allocating: discrete choice experiments and constant-sum paired comparisons for the elicitation of societal preferences.
Skedgel CD, Wailoo AJ, Akehurst RL
Health Expect 12 Jun 2013 Author URL DOI

The 5x1 DAFNE Study Protocol: A cluster randomised trial comparing a standard 5 day DAFNE course delivered over 1 week against DAFNE training delivered over 1 day a week for 5 consecutive weeks.
Elliott J, Lawton J, Rankin D, Emery C, Campbell M, Dixon S, Heller S, Grp NIHRDAFNERS
BMC Endocrine Disorders 12 Article number ARTN 28 08 Nov 2012 DOI