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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New project

Systematic review and cost effectiveness modelling of art therapy among people with non-psychotic mental disorders

The project has the following objectives:       
  1. To determine the relative clinical efficacy of art therapy compared with currently used packages of care for people with non-psychotic mental disorders. A full systematic review of the quantitative literature will be undertaken to provide evidence on efficacy.
  2. To provide a detailed user perspective on the acceptability and relative benefits and potential harms of art therapy, a second systematic review will be undertaken on the available qualitative research literature.
  3. To undertake a full synthesis of available evidence and generate probability distributions for uncertain parameters for use in an economic model.
  4. To undertake a full economic analysis. This will include a systematic review of published economic evaluations in the area and identification of other evidence needed to populate an economic model. Cost effectiveness will be assessed in terms of the incremental cost per quality adjusted life year (QALY) gained from a probabilistic analyses.
  5. To determine the value of collecting further data on all or some of the input parameters, an expected value of information analysis will be performed.

This project is funded by NETSCC/NIHR between Apr 2013 and Mar 2014.  The project team is Lesley Uttley (Prinipal Investigator); Alison Scope; Eva Kaltenthaler; Matt Stevenson; Andrew Rawdin; John Stevens; Anthea Sutton; Kim Dent-Brown; Lizzie Taylor-Buck; Chris Wood (NHS).

Further details of the project can be found here: http://www.hta.ac.uk/project/3030.asp

Photo credit: Wallula Junction via Flickr Creative Commons