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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Alcohol strategy consultation

The consultation is open until 6 February 2013 and seeks views on a number of measures set out in the government's alcohol strategy which was published on 23 March 2012.  Minimum pricing is the most controversial part of the consultation, but it is based around five key areas:
  • a ban on multi-buy promotions in shops and off-licences to reduce excessive alcohol consumption
  • a review of the mandatory licensing conditions, to ensure that they are sufficiently targeting problems such as irresponsible promotions in pubs and clubs
  •  health as a new alcohol licensing objective for cumulative impacts so that licensing authorities can consider alcohol-related health harms when managing the problems relating to the number of premises in their area
  • cutting red tape for responsible businesses to reduce the burden of regulation while maintaining the integrity of the licensing system
  • minimum unit pricing, ensuring for the first time that alcohol can only be sold at a sensible and appropriate price
The alcohol strategy and the associated impact assessments are available here.  The impact assessment of minimum pricing is heavily based on the ScHARR Policy Model which has been published in the Lancet.