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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

RAND Health Quarterly

A new, free newsletter/journal has arrived on the scene courtesy of the RAND Corporation.  The publication limits itself to the work of RAND so is quite US-centric, however, many of the issues are directly or indiretly relevant to other countries.  A few are listed below.

International Variation in the Usage of Medicines: A Review of the Literature
Ellen Nolte, Jennifer Newbould, Annalijn Conklin

Payment Reform: Analysis of Models and Performance Measurement Implications
Eric Schneider, Peter S. Hussey, Christopher Schnyer

A Prize Worth Paying? Non-Standard Ways to Support and Reward Excellence in Health Research and Development in the UK NHS
Tom Ling

Healthcare Technology Co-Operatives: Filling a Niche in the English R&D Landscape
David Kryl, Sonja Marjanovic, Siobhan Ni Chonaill, Helen Ridsdale, Ohid Yaqub