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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NICE Citizens Council to look at the issue of future costs and health benefits

The Citizens Council will be asked to consider the issue of discounting.  This is presumably to provide a further perspective on the recent decision to change the discounting guidance within the TA process (although, interestingly, the recent change did not go out to public consultation). The Citizens Council of NICE will examine this issue on the 3 and 4 of November.
This topic is considered by NICE to be “precisely [the] kind of difficult social values issue” that the Council can provide guidance on to the appraisal committees.  An alternative view, of course, is that it is an empirical issue and that the Council’s input will only serve to muddy (once clear) waters further.

A report on the Council's views will be available on the NICE website for public comment, before the Council submits a report to the Board of NICE setting out its findings.