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Monday, 17 October 2011

The Interactive Compendium of Health Datasets for Economists

The datasets included cover a large number of health and health care policy relevant areas, including primary care activity and expenditure, hospital activity and expenditure, social care, performance measurement, health care labour force, health care commissioning, pharmaceutical prescribing, expenditure on equipment and technology, incomes and earnings, complaints and litigation and healthcare related prices and inflation indices.

All datasets identified have been thematically organized and can be searched by economic, socio-economic, demographic and risk behaviour categorization, disease area, area of health system, whether the data is national or regional basis, unit of analysis, data types and access condition.

A cursory set of searches shows that “quality of life” gets you 22 datasests, whilst “eq-5d” or “sf-36” gets you none.  Whether this indicates its limited value for HTA, or just ‘high-level indexing’ will need further examination.  But it’s definitely worth a look.