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Monday, 12 September 2011

MSc in International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement

This new entirely online MSc programme is to start at the end of this month (26th September).

The Introductory fees offer (approximately two-thirds of the likely future fees) for the full MSc or diploma is due to end this month and is already being taken-up by our first cohort of students. Students beginning the programme next year will have to pay at least half as much again as those beginning this year.

There is just 2 weeks left to apply and enjoy the lower fees for those starting this year.

This MSc is the only graduate programme offering the entire range of knowledge and skills needed by those developing health technologies for market, or involved in commissioning or evaluating health technologies.
It is being led by senior staff from within HEDS and is delivered as a part-time, online, distance-learning course. The degree will benefit from key input from ScHARR's Blended Learning Group to develop appropriate and effective online learning materials and resources.

The core units offer a general introduction to the broad HTA process, and cover the key components of HTA, pricing and reimbursement in international health systems, systematic review and evidence synthesis, cost-effectiveness modelling, and economic evaluation. Optional units explore all of these topics in greater depth, as well as trial design and analysis.

The Course Directors are Professor Ron Akehurst and Dr Chris Carroll.